Jack Emmert:The Success of World of Warcraft Is A Disaster

As we all know, World of Warcraft is the most popular MMO game around the world. Many games can’t live in the market for WoW has taken the most players away. We can say that no game can beat it but itself. It is a disaster for other game developers but a good thing for all players even they need stay up very late to make wow gold.

Veteran online game producer, Cryptic Studios CEO, the chief designer of super hero games, Hero City, Warriors line, and ranked fifth in the U.S. game magazine’s most influential online games, Jack Emmott recently told in game press Eurogamer interview: world of Warcraft’s success is a disaster.

He said:

Blizzard has just announced that the World of Warcraft player to reach 12 million. There is no doubt this is a huge success for Blizzard, but this is a disaster to Europe and America pay online game market. Many companies spend fee of $560 million on developing network game, only can grabbed the poor or less pay players hard from the world of warcraft. The success of Turbine company developing the Rings OL and Dungeons and Dragons OL from pay online game into a free online let more game developers start trying to create free game. Because it means lower investment, less risk and the more little production pressure.

I do not think that paid online gaming market is dead, the number of paid players in World of Warcraft can prove it, but only a small part players re willing to try other the paid game instead of the World of Warcraft. And many players iare constantly trying to put new online friends and family into the World of Warcraft. This is simply a mess. World of Warcraft almost takes fresh oxygen of the entire pay online game market, and let the other online games suffocation, which will eventually devour itself.

Every game has its own destiny. World of Warcraft has been the leader in game industry for years, and now it is on the decline. It is not a disaster but a peak that other games can’t surpass.

As for me, I think that if you can do better, you can take place of it. But you are always just copy it, and that is a really disaster. So what players most like to discuss is still how to make more wow gold. Game developers and designers should know that players will never refuse good games.